How to Install Zip Track Blinds?

How to Install Zip Track Blinds?

Installing zip track blinds must be done with the supervision of a professional. If you’re used to the traditional blinds, you’ll love zip blinds in Singapore even more. They’re durable, visually-pleasing, low-maintenance, and easy-to-operate. 

Zip blinds can be manual or motorised. With manual operation, you have to use your hands to lift and close the blinds. As for the motorised mechanism, all you need to do is push buttons on a remote control.

The installation process varies depending on the specific product you’ve chosen. Here’s a quick overview to familiarise yourself a bit with the procedure.

  • Examining the area 

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It’s important to check the type of surface where the zip blinds will be installed. 

Depending on the area in the house, the blinds may need to be attached to wood, brick, or concrete. Your supplier and installer will recommend a customised solution depending on the condition in the area. 

In Singapore, you can expect scorching hot afternoons or heavy downpours throughout the day. That said, the blinds must be robust to withstand external elements, such as heat, moisture, and rain. 

Your installer may recommend using stainless materials to secure the zip blind track. Again, mounting options vary, so it’s good to have a professional look at the site first. 

  • Installing zip blinds with invisible grilles 

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Most Singapore homes are in high-rise buildings. You’ll see homeowners maximising use of their living spaces with the help of zip track blinds. 

Zip blinds are usually installed in patios and balconies. Check with your building management what type of installations they allow and if there’s a required color for blinds. 

If you’re also looking to install invisible grilles with your blinds, there must be adequate space to accommodate the blinds. Consider partnering with a contractor that provides both services, so you only need to coordinate with a single team. 

Invisible grilles and zip blinds go well together as they secure openings and make semi-outdoor spaces more comfortable.

  • Placing grilles first before blinds 


Ideally, it’s best to mount your invisible grilles first as they may interfere with blind installation. But if you’re not yet ready for the grille installation and would like to prioritise your zip blinds, advise your supplier so they can leave space for the grille.

If you’re hiring a single team for both projects, it’ll be easier to communicate your concerns. For instance, you'll want an assurance that the team won’t damage your blind during the installation. 

What if you’re looking to install blinds in a narrow space? This is also possible, but if the space is too small, the blinds may have to be permanently fixed. Be sure to clarify with your supplier.

Zip track blinds in Singapore transform private balconies

It’s easy to spot zip track blinds in a building facade. They look flawless as they don’t crease or wrinkle even after several years of use. 

During very strong winds, they stay in place. You won’t have to pull your outdoor furniture or laundry in to keep them protected against the rain. They’ll stay dry because your zip blinds shall shield them. 

It’s no longer surprising many Singaporean homeowners prefer zip track blind installation for their home. 

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