Overview from Balcony

Your balcony is an ideal spot to enjoy the warm sunny days, breathe fresh air, or sip a cup of coffee while watching the rain outside. But it’s no fun when your balcony, regardless of its size, isn’t safe and protected. Imagine yourself getting drenched by the rain or feeling uncomfortable by the scorching heat. Also, unsafe and unprotected balconies are more vulnerable to accidents, hazards, theft, etc.

Don’t let these things happen to you! Transform your balcony into a relaxing and safe outdoor space by installing outdoor balcony blinds.

Invisible Grilles for Your Balcony

Here at INVISYS, we understand how crucial safety is. That’s why we are committed to customizing invisible grilles for balconies at high-rise residential and commercial properties.

Our invisible grilles are complemented by InviZip zip blinds; hence, you can be assured of maximum protection from drizzles, glare, or ultraviolet rays. You can also have peace of mind knowing that sudden downpour of rain won’t ruin the mood in your home or office.

Why choose INVISYS invisible grilles for your balcony? First, they’re engineered with the stainless steel cable system. Second, they’re stylish and modernized. Third, they provide a see-through panoramic view. And fourth, they require less maintenance.

Motorized and Easy-Care Blinds

Unlike conventional blinds, InviZip blinds are fully motorized and easy to care & use. By simply using a remote, you can open and close it effortlessly. And when it comes to cleaning and maintenance, all you have to do is to wipe it with a soft cloth and it will be dirt-free and look as good as new.

We offer invisible grilles designed for open space and irregular-shaped balconies. Moreover, our grilles can be installed in vertical and horizontal positions with a cable gap of 2" to 4".

Need more reasons why you should invest in balcony blinds? We have them here.

Overview from Balcony

Let Us Make Your Balcony Safe and Protected

A lovely day spent with your family or friends at home can suddenly turn into a miserable experience if your balcony remains unsafe and unprotected. That’s where a quality set of outdoor balcony blinds Singapore comes in.

Let INVISYS System help you enjoy the cool breeze or the refreshing scenery with your loved ones while providing safety, security, and privacy. Get in touch with us today at (65) 6659 5232 to learn more about our balcony zip blinds. You may also email us at info@invisystech.com. We would love to talk to you soon!