Grille Expectations At Condos


Grille expectations at condos

Yeo Sam Jo | The Straits Times | Tuesday, Feb 03, 2015

The Building and Construction Authority (BCA) will send a notice to management corporations (MCs) reminding them that home owners should not be stopped from installing grilles to prevent harm to children.

This was revealed in a letter sent to The Sunday Times, in response to several readers writing in to complain about their grille woes.

But residents still have to first get approval from their MCs on the design of the grille.

And this could lead to rejections, hassle and unwanted delays, several condo owners said, calling for a faster and easier process.

One solution, said Mr Chan Kok Hong, president of the Association of Strata Managers, could be to make all developers and architects come up with grille designs from the get-go.

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