Zip Blinds


Make the most of your balcony or patio with quality zip blinds from INVISYS Singapore. We offer specially designed zip blinds in Singapore that help transform your private balcony into a functional enclosed space. And with our breakthrough technology, our zip blinds ensure better visibility without compromising safety and security.

Zip blinds are modern window treatments that let you enjoy state-of-the-art weather protection and privacy for you and your family. Considering Singapore’s tropical climate, the former makes zip blinds perfect for balconies, patios, and outdoor areas. Moreover, zip blinds in Singapore have become increasingly popular in residentials, offices and other commercial establishments because of its advantages and features.




Zip Blinds

Zip Blinds in Singapore

Zip blinds singapore

Choose Quality. Choose INVISYS

When it comes to quality zip blinds in Singapore, INVISYS is the name to trust. From day one, we have been committed to providing cutting-edge American blinds technology to residential, commercial and many more clients that completely meet their specifications. Throughout the years, we have listened to their needs and responded with innovative zip blinds that can be used for various purposes, including boosting the value of their properties or impressing their guests.

Why invest in our zip blinds?

● Ensures better privacy
● Shield against Sun and Rain
● Guarantees convenience
● Resists high temperature
● Easy to use, install and clean
● Provides precise lighting control
● Saves energy and helps reduce electricity consumption
● Increases protection against dust and insects

Our InviZip zip blinds not only ensure added value to properties and long-lasting impressions, but also provide a comfortable indoor experience, making it an integral part of your home or office. All the materials used in our products are of high quality. You can be assured that your investment will pay off for years.

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Zip Blinds keeps the sun, rain, insects and dust out of your private space.

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At INVISYS Singapore, we understand that there are so many options and lots of factors to consider when it comes to window treatments, and that can be overwhelming for you. That is why we are here to help you find the zip blinds that will perfectly match your property, whether residential or commercial. 

Check out our unique American engineered system today of the best in the market!

InviZip zip blinds are specially designed to convert your private balcony into a functionable enclosed space.

Contact us today to fully discuss your needs, and see how you can transform your property with these stylish and functional zip blinds in Singapore.

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