How to Install Window Blinds Without Drilling?

How to Install Window Blinds Without Drilling?

In Singapore, you’re bound to experience extreme heat and occasional downpours. Covering windows can help make your home feel more comfortable.

But installing traditional blinds can be challenging, as you'll need to drill the walls. If you don't do it right, you’ll be left with a lot more work than you expected.

Also, if you’re renting, your landlord may not be allowing hole drilling in your unit. So, should you skip the option?

Not if you know how to install window covers without drilling, because yes, it’s possible. Have you heard about the invisible horizontal window grille in Singapore? Let’s talk about some methods you can try.

1.) Use the peel and stick method.

horizontal window grille

This method works for lightweight blinds. You need to rip off the protective paper strip that covers the heavy-duty adhesive and press the tape to the window frame. Trim the tape, if necessary, to ensure it's of the right size for your windows. Be careful when positioning the tape. Removing it can cause the drywall or wall paint to come off.

2.) Try tension rods.

tension rod

If you already have blinds but would like to limit the amount of light coming inside or if your windows have a recessed part on their frames, try tension rods. Tension rods won’t be able to support heavy materials, but they can come in different shades, which is one of their advantages. Tension rods are adjustable too, but you’ll want to be careful when operating them. They may give way if you pull them too strongly.

3.) Command hooks.

Command hooks

Command hooks are similar to the peel-and-stick method, but they can carry a heavier weight. You can even have them support curtain rods and the curtains themselves. Usually, you’ll need to wipe the surface clean first to ensure that the command hooks adhere. You’ll also have to press on the hooks and leave them for a few minutes or hours before using them. Be sure to check the maximum weight limit. Regardless of how many hooks you use in a single line, the maximum weight limit stays the same.

4.) Check out the invisible horizontal window grille.

Check out the invisible horizontal window grille

If you're living in a high-rise HDB or condominium unit, you'll want to install grilles for both safety and security. This is especially the case if you have children and pets. Some are strict when it comes to window frames, but often, invisible horizontal window grills make the cut. Invisible grills for windows can be moved anytime so chances are your landlord will also have no issues with them. You can also choose between vertical or horizontal window grill design.

Skip drilling for your window blinds or covers with the latest blinds technology

As you decide which way to install window frames without drilling, keep in mind the rules in your accommodation, the weight of the items you wish to support, and the size and shape of your windows.

You don’t want to damage your home’s wall, whether rented or owned. Talk to a trusted horizontal window grille supplier and installer, especially if you want a clean and minimalist look for your windows.

With the right window cover option, you can keep your home safe, secure, and comfortable.

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