How to Fix Balcony Blinds?

How to Fix Balcony Blinds?

Installing balcony blinds in Singapore allow you to make the most of your home’s square footage. 

The weather can be extremely hot, and heavy rain could fall in an instant. But you don’t want those factors to keep you from enjoying your private spaces. 

That’s why balcony blinds are a welcome installation because they make staying at home more comfortable no matter the weather. 

Balcony blinds usually last a long time. But, of course, that still depends on the product quality. Over time and without proper care, blinds can wear and get damaged. 

You might notice they're no longer working as they used to. Some issues may be easily addressed, while some may require professional help. 

Here are common balcony blind problems and tips on how to fix them.

  • Tough to open 

balcony blinds

There are several potential reasons why balcony blinds no longer operate smoothly and are hard to open or close. It could be due to dirt and dust buildup or stuck-up internal parts. 

Try simple solutions first such as cleaning your blinds.  If your blind is made of washable material, use mild detergent, a soft cloth or toothbrush, and warm water to clean it. 

If you’re using roller blinds, try removing surface dirt first with the help of a vacuum. Then, take them and use a brush to clean them. If not enough, you can also wash them with mild soap and warm water. 

Wait for the blinds to dry completely before reinstalling them. See if they’re now easy to operate. If not, apply lubricant to smoothen its parts. 

Check if your manufacturer recommends a specific lubricating product. If these steps still don’t work, get in touch with your supplier or a balcony blind repair specialist.

  • Damaged slat 

If one of a couple of your balcony blind spots is damaged, replace them as soon as possible. Dust, rain, and heat can get to your home if you leave the damage unfixed. 

Get in touch with your supplier if they can provide you with replacement slats or not, and ask where you can get new ones. It would be great if they can replace the slats for you. But if not, you can use a card to open the stem and remove the slat. 

When adding a new slat, check the hole if’s aligned with the stem clip.

  • Broken chain 

If the chains of your blinds are broken, similar to a damaged slat, you’ll need to get new chains and replace the broken ones. To do this, remove the clips that secure the chain, take out the damaged chains, and install the replacement.

If your balcony blinds are damaged beyond repair or are already outdated, consider replacing them with modern, low-maintenance, and easy-to-operate options, such as zip blinds. 

Balcony zip blinds offer better lighting control, increased protection against insects and dust, and a robust shield from intense sunlight and heavy rain. They’re also a lot easier to clean and install.

Think it's time to replace your balcony blinds in Singapore?

If your blinds often need repairs, perhaps it’s time to consider a replacement. The balcony blind product you choose shall impact your life quality. Look into zip blinds and ask the supplier for same-day site surveys.

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