Where to Find Window Grille Provider in Singapore?

Where to Find Window Grille Provider in Singapore?

Have you been thinking of installing horizontal window grilles in your Singapore apartment? Majority of homes in Singapores are high-rise buildings. 

Installing window barriers is a must especially for households with pets or little children. You might have seen your neighbors install a beautiful window grille and would like a similar design for your home. 

But where should you begin? Where can you find a reputable window griller provider in Singapore? We’ve put together some tips to help you get started.

Ask neighbors.

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If you can, approach your neighbors and ask who they hired for their window grille. This way, you not only gather a list of potential service providers, you also hear honest feedback from clients. You’ll have an idea what it’s like to hire the team, if their rates are competitive, and if their services are high-quality. You never know, but your neighbors may even invite you to inspect their window grilles closely so you can determine if they're up to your alley.

Search online.

Once you already have a list of window grille providers, try to look them up online. See how long they’ve been in the industry, where they’re based, and what type of home improvement services they provide. You might chance upon their social media pages and find more updates regarding their current and previous projects and what their clients think about their work. Get in touch in case you can’t find the information you need. This way, you’ll also be able to gauge whether the team is responsive or accommodating to inquiries. 

Look for trusted contractor vetting sites.

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If you still don’t have a list of potential contractors, look for trusted websites that collate information in one page. You might find sites that vet window grille installers themselves by surveying clients. This will help simplify your search process as you receive research-backed recommendations. You’ll also get an idea of the average fees service providers charge and plan your budget accordingly. Note that the best way to get a realistic estimate is to contact the installer directly to let them know what you need. 

Check contractor services and accessibility.

What does the window grille installer specialise in? Do they also offer other house renovation services? Are they known for metal, aluminum, or wrought iron window grilles? Do they offer different grille colors and designs? Can you choose between vertical or horizontal window grilles? Perhaps they also supply balcony zip blinds. 

Look into promotional offers.

Homeowners will have different budgets, and contractors understand that. See if they’re offering free-onsite quotes or non-binding site visits. If they offer site surveys, will they be able to do it the same day? While you’re looking to save money, think about other factors too, such as the product longevity and customer service level. You can enjoy more savings in the long run, with a durable window grille and reliable technical support team. 

Whether you prefer a vertical or horizontal window grille, contact as many service providers as possible. Window grille installation in Singapore is a common home improvement project, so chances are you’ll find a team near you. See which installer is most qualified and you feel most comfortable with.

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