Reasons Why Invisible Window Grilles Are Good for HDBs and Condominiums

Reasons Why Invisible Window Grilles Are Good for HDBs and Condominiums

Invisible window grilles are actually not invisible. They are made of thin cables that are hardly discernible from afar, hence the name “invisible window grilles”. Due to their many advantages over traditional grilles, these invisible grilles have been gaining popularity in homes across Singapore in the past few years. 

Here are some reasons why you are encouraged to install them in Housing Development Board (HDB) flats and condominiums in Singapore.

1. Act as safety barricades

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Grilles prevent children from climbing out of the windows. These grilles are typically made of stainless steel cables. These cables are strong, durable, and does not rust, so frequent maintenance is not required.

These invisible grilles also act as safety barricades and offer a form of protection against outside elements. If you’re living on lower floors, they prevent animals or individuals from going into your homes.

INVISYS System’s invisible grilles are engineered and manufactured to the highest standards of workmanship.

2. Aesthetically pleasing

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Unlike traditional grilles, invisible grilles blend seamlessly into the background and do not interfere with your interior design. They have a modern, stylish design that does not mar the appearance of any buildings.

Invisible grilles also provide a 360° panoramic view of the scenery outside, without any form of obstruction.

3. Suitable for All Areas

Different people have different requirements. Various types of invisible grilles are available: fixed grilles, sliding grilles, casement grilles, and bi-fold grilles.

Fixed grilles are generally installed in condominiums with full glass windows while sliding grilles, casement grilles, and bi-fold grilles are installed in the service yards of HDB flats or condominiums. These grilles can be fully opened.

The grilles can either be installed vertically or horizontally, depending on your needs. Gaps between the grilles are also customizable.

INVISYS System’s invisible grille is suitable for all areas, including open-space and irregular-shaped balconies. They offer better visibility without compromising safety or security.

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