How to Remove Invisible Grille?

How to Remove Invisible Grille?

Wondering how to dismantle your window grille installation project in Singapore?

Invisible grilles are window frames composed of high-tension cables. These cables are very thin and distanced carefully to keep pets or little children from getting in and falling. 

This is how they got their name as they’re hardly visible from afar. On one hand, that’s one of their advantages as they don’t make your windows or balconies look like prison grilles.

If for some reason, you need to take out your invisible grille, it’s important to go through the process carefully. Whether you have a vertical or horizontal window grille, it needs to be detached completely because they can be fixed in place. 

Here are some reminders when removing your invisible grille.

1.) Inspect your grille.

Will you be able to DIY the procedure? See how the grille is installed. Are they attached with screws? Window grilles can be connected permanently or secured with screws. The latter will allow for simple removal because you only need to unscrew and ensure to put the grilles back on the same way. But if it looks like it’s going to be tough, it would be best to contact your installer and ask for options. Remember you’ll also be working at height, so it could be dangerous.

2.) Unscrew the grille.

Let’s assume the grilles are attached with screws. Once you’ve manually examined your window grilles and figured you can remove and reattach them, you can proceed to the next step. Be sure you have the right tools for unscrewing your grilles. If you have automatic screwdrivers, try them to make the process faster. The more screws you need to remove, the longer the procedure will take. Have someone assist you if you need to climb a ladder or step on a stool. 

3.) Remove the window grille carefully.

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Once you’ve unfastened the screws, it’s time to pull the grilles. Do this gently to avoid accidents and prevent damaging the grilles and your windows. If you’re having a hard time pulling the grille, try using a knife to lift it. But again, be very careful. It helps to wear gloves to protect your hands, just in case. If you can pass the window grille to someone, do so so you can get off your ladder or stool more easily.

4.) Look for damages on windows and grilles.

After removing your window grilles, take the time to check your windows. Use this opportunity to fix any cracks or dents before reinstalling your grilles. This will further strengthen your windows, providing a durable foundation for your grilles. 

While taking out window grilles may be manageable, consider contacting your installer first. Whether you would like to clean your grilles, inspect your windows, or repaint walls, seeking professional help will ensure a safe and efficient process. 

You can also talk to your window grille installation contractor in Singapore if you have concerns about your grilles or are looking to invest in more products for your home, such as zip blinds. 

On the other hand, depending on the type of your grille, dismantling can also be easy. Be sure you’re prepared by keeping tools nearby and working while the little ones are away.   

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