Is Window Grill Necessary?

Is Window Grill Necessary?

Thinking whether or not to invest in an invisible grille for a balcony in Singapore?

Your balcony and windows are a huge asset if you’re staying in Singapore. The weather can be sweltering, so welcoming fresh air and letting indoor air circulate is necessary. But if you have pets or young children, you might worry about safety.

You cannot keep your windows open without some sort of a barricade. This is especially the case if you’re in a high-rise apartment or HDB flats. But if you have a balcony, you at least would want to make the most of it.

A sliding invisible grille or even an ordinary invisible grill offers an ideal solution. You don’t have to sacrifice your view, fresh air, or the safety of your loved ones. You can enjoy all that, including peace of mind. 

Let’s talk more about the benefits of installing an invisible grill for your balcony and windows.

Enjoy a full view of your surroundings.

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Some choose a specific residential unit for the view it offers. So barricading your balcony or window with aluminum or steel grills is never an option. An invisible grille for balconies allows you to secure your loved ones and property without compromising your view. There are no obstructions when you open your windows. You won’t even notice the grilles when you’re standing from a distance. And you won’t have to worry about leaving your windows open even if playful pets or children come close.

Keep your window neat and stylish.

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Some people are concerned about installing thick metal grilles that don’t match their home’s architectural style. If this is your worry, a sliding invisible grille may be an ideal option. They’re visually pleasing. They don’t rust or corrode as other materials do. They match any style. They aren’t distracting. And since they’re virtually invisible, they also make your interiors look more spacious. They don’t make the space feel cramped. 

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Invisible grilles are thin. Won’t they snap off with force? This is one advantage of a balcony invisible grille in Singapore. It doesn’t look obvious, but it’s powerful and durable. This is also why it’s important to introduce them to children and pets. If they aren’t aware the window has grilles, they might run to it at high speed and get hurt. On the other hand, you can be confident intruders won’t easily make their way into your home through your windows.

If you’re looking at windows as an alternative emergency exit and don’t want to completely block them, a sliding invisible grille offers a solution. 

You can move the grilles when necessary and you won’t have to be stuck with stationary grilles. For extra protection, talk to your installer if the grilles can be incorporated into your existing alarm system. This will also increase your grille’s effectiveness as a security feature.

No matter the size of your windows or the layout of your balcony, an installer can customise the invisible grille for you. The grilles can be placed vertically or horizontally. And you can also choose between fixed or movable options, depending on your long-term plans.

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