How to Install Window Blinds with Metal Brackets?

How to Install Window Blinds with Metal Brackets?

So, you’re thinking about installing apartment balcony blinds on your own. 

First things first, think about where you would like to install the blinds. Mounting the blinds inside the window is the usual option as it’s neat that way. 

If you’re mounting outside the windows, you’ll be leaving visible drill marks on your wall. But you may have to go for this option if the recessed part of your window frame is too small to accommodate metal brackets. 

Here’s how to install balcony blinds once you’ve decided where to position them.

1.) Measure your windows. 

window blinds measurement

Grab your measuring tape to measure your windows and determine the right size for your blinds. 

If you’re installing the blinds outside of the window, you’ll have to measure the edges of the window casing and the length of the top casing down to the bottom casing. 

If you’re installing the blinds inside the window frame, measure the width of the inside casing, from the top to the bottom. If the measurements vary, take the smallest number as your guide. 

Once you have the measurements, it’s time to purchase your blinds. 

Whether you need the balcony blinds for outdoor use or rain blinds for the balcony, be sure they’re the right size and that you’re ordering from a reputable condo balcony blinds supplier in Singapore

2.) Ask about custom blinds. 

custom window blinds

If your windows have an unusual shape, ask the window blind supplier if they can customise for your specific dimensions. 

If there are gaps on the sides of the blinds, you might worry about privacy or the natural lighting being too bright for you. 

Once you receive your blinds, go over the manual instructions carefully. The next step would be to make marks for the blinds. 

If you’re drilling outside of the window frame, the screws should be facing outside. If you’re drilling inside the window frames, the screws should be on the sides facing each other.

3.) Make marks for the drilling areas. 

Make make on window

After going over the instructions, it’s time to make marks for the drilling spots. Be sure that the brackets are level. 

If you’re mounting outside of the frame, position the top part of the blind so that it’s level or parallel to the window frame. If you’re placing the blinds inside the frame, mark the end of the headrail as well so you’ll know where exactly to attach the brackets. 

Even if the window isn’t level, the blinds and your marking should be level. The next step is to position the bracket door so you can make markings for the drill areas. 

Finally, install the metal brackets for your window blinds.

After drilling the screws, it’s time to install the brackets. Once the brackets are in, it’s time to pop in the headrail as well and lock them in place. 

If your blinds have accessories or features such as wands or cleats, it’s now time to attach them. And you’re done! Be sure to test your work if the blinds are opening and closing smoothly.

If you’re not sure about which apartment balcony blinds to install, contact a professional installer in Singapore. You can also request installation to ensure the proper placement of your new blinds.

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