Invisible Grilles

If the safety of your family and loved ones is your priority and you want to make sure that they’re always out of harm’s way; then, it’s safe to say that you can’t go wrong with invisible grilles that are complemented by secure zip blinds. Simply put, the said commodities are worthwhile investments, especially if you regularly leave home for work and other commitments. 

Of course, when you get back, you want to guarantee that the welfare of your loved ones as well as your property (appliances, furniture, etc. ) are not compromised in any way. This is most true if you live in Singapore and you’re always on the go. 

Simply put, invisible grilles that are backed by secure zip blinds can go a long way, especially if you put a premium on safety, security, and basically everything in between. Bear in mind that many homeowners ignore, overlook, then underestimate the importance of home security measures and it’s best if you won’t do the same.
Want to find out what the hype is all about and why many homeowners across Singapore are making it a point to invest in invisible grilles that are complemented by secure zip blinds?

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Why Choose Invisys Invisible Grilles?

  • Engineered with stainless steel cable system (anti-rust)
  • Easy cleaning invisible grille
  • Less maintenance
  • Stylish and modernized grille provides semi-outdoor and open character
  • Provides stylish see-through panoramic view
  • Detracted from traditional grille design and resulted unattractive look
  • Sustain and uphold building appearance
  • Provides safety and security
Invisible Grille - Conventional vs Invisible
Invisible Grille can be Installed in Vertical and Horizontal Position at Cable Gap in 2" to 4"

Creative Customised Solution for Your Needs

INVISYS is the smart design inventions invisible grille company in Singapore and Malaysia with over more than 5 years of experience. Through technology we are continuously evolving as a premier innovative invisible grille solution provider. We specialize in getting to know our clients and their business in order to customize a products that will meet their specific needs. We dedicate to customize the invisible grille for windows, doors or at balcony for clients occupy at high rise residential and commercial properties where safety is crucial. INVISYS is dedicated and successfully integrated home surveillance security system named “INVISYS Invisible-Smart Grille” which is proudly expanded to include security solutions to safeguarding owner who lives at landed houses.

What are invisible grilles?

In general, invisible grilles are types of grilles that are usually set up in a casement window or sliding window. A lot of times, they come with secure zip lines that provide additional security. Aside from ensuring safety as well as security, they allow homeowners like you to open and close windows without compromising ease, comfort, and basically everything in between.  

What are the advantages of invisible grilles?

  • Durable and can withstand the test of time

A lot of invisible grilles that are out on the market are made from stainless steel and integrated with rubber or plastic that deliver extra protection. Putting this factor into consideration, you can be rest assured that you can enjoy your investment for many years to come. This, even if they’re exposed to various external factors that include sunlight, humidity, rainfall, and many others. 

Inject a sense of luxury

Investing in invisible grilles that are complemented secure zip lines is like hitting two birds with one stone. Why? You ask. This is because on top of improving the security and safety of your home, you can also achieve aesthetic appeal that’s unlike any other. So, with invisible grilles, you can enjoy your cup of coffee or tea and at the same indulge in the beauty of your surroundings. 

Fixed or movable

Invisible grilles with secure zip lines are versatile and they come in fixed and movable versions. Putting this factor into consideration, whether you own your own place or constantly move due to work or other commitments, you can obtain something that can complement your short-term or long-term goals. 

On the market for invisible grilles

Looking for the right invisible grilles that can suit your needs, preferences, and budget, and the like, all without compromising functionality and aesthetics? Then look no further and opt for Invisys Tech, Singapore’s top invisible grille provider. Our products are perfect for your family, especially if you value security and safety. 

Contact us now! Our knowledgeable and friendly personnel are here to provide extensive assistance to ensure that you’re going to avail something that’s well worth the investment. 

Overview from Balcony
Invisible Grille at Roof Top Safety Fence
Invisible Grille - Openable Casement Window
Invisible Grille - Openable Sliding and Swing Doors
Invisible Grille Installed to Prevent Bird Nesting
Invisible Grille - High Quality Cable Enriched Roof Garden and Open Landscape
Invisible Grille - High Quality Cable at Swimming Pool Area
Safety Barricade and Gates
Safety Protection Features at Staircase
Feature Walls for Home Design Ideas
Invisible Grille Designed for Open-Space and Irregular Shape Balcony